You don’t have to be a carpenter to do this simple project. You can go to Home Depot, Lowes, or any of your local hardware store and purchase a small piece of plywood. Some stores will even cut the board for you! Secure the trim with nails or wood glue. The trim will keep the puzzle from sliding off. Make sure your board is big enough to fit majority of your puzzles.
Now you don’t have to disturb that masterpiece kids have been working on. The puzzle can be worked on anywhere - tables, floor, couch, you name it. Make your puzzle center portable and on the go!

Make those books stand out on the shelves by using Inter Library Loan tape. I purchased these tapes from Demco.

Book Swap is a great way for children get new reading materials and what's even better, it's FREE!

Avery 5160 labels can be used for just about anything. Why not create labels for the conference with all of your contact information? No more writer's cramp when filling out vendor's drawing cards!

Schools request books on a daily basis and those requests need to be in the mail the same day. Spending more time preparing labels for each school can save time later preparing the requests.

Classrooms have word walls with words they use on a daily basis and add new vocabulary as they learn them.
Why not have a word wall in the library? It may not be the same words as the classrooms, but in the Library World, the language is different. Our conversation is with using series, titles, and authors.

Why not use items that you can use over and over? Items from the local dollar stores come in handy and all you do is store them in ziploc bags labeled with the items and count. Some items are even precounted!

Virtual tours are a great way to showcase any place or space. add new dimensions to your photographs and enable viewers to explore a location as if they were really there.

What do you get when you combine 2 posterboards and 8 bookends? A 4 person study carrel or testing area! Great for those opportunities for students to work in a quiet area.