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The best learning happens at point-of-need, when students and staff are searching for immediate answers, need to refresh reading materials, or collaborate in student groups. Flexible access fosters responsibility and independence in an that is learner-centered, patron-friendly, full of teachable moments, multiple technologies, and active learning.


Getting procedures/expectations down at the beginning of the year is essential with open access. Classes are seen twice at the beginning of the year to establish procedures and introduce/reteach library navigation. Cleanup practices are established early on to encourage student responsibility and keep centers moving smoothly. Students then begin learning in the library...with lots of hands-on “reteaching” through the year!


Flexible access calls for different classroom and library management skills, and teachers are creative as they solve timing issues. Some send students with simple two button timers, while others send iPods and even iPhones.. it has all worked beautifully with the exception of some smart little guys resetting the timer for a longer period as they walk the hall!


How do you get kids to read without AR? By giving them choice. This is an all year project aimed at encouraging students to read, read, read. Peebles is a Freedom to Read facility and we believe interest level far outshines reading level. Students are asked to nominate THEIR favorites at the end of the year for an Oscar type award ceremony...winning books will be placed in the library with a sticker designating “Peebles’ Kids’ Choice Award”.

Pull up Google Docs and create a quick and easy student survey! This is how Peebles’ students will vote on Kids’ Choice Awards...


Student Flyers


Pages (Apple Templates)

Bulletin Board Displays from Pinterest:



Tellagami--animated iPad/iPhone video with narration


Digital Storytelling
Best free digital storytelling tools for teachers. 2012. educatortechnology.com


With research skills denoted throughout the TEKS and also many districts' curriculum...research is no longer just an option. Upon hearing a teacher remark that students could enjoy researching if the models were not so cumbersome, heads were put together and Three Simple Questions was born. What do I want to know? Where do I go to find my information? How do I want to share what I found? Though students still learn note-taking, document their findings, create products and cite their sources, this easy process has accelerated research from pre-k to 5th.


The best way to learn library navigation is through active searching. The next best is online. A lesson in finding your library materials is as close as the http on the nearest computer. Order in the Library supplements scavenger hunts and point-of-need searching.



There’s certainly nothing wrong with the word “Library”, except for the connotation it may hold with some people. Try renaming your space with something that denotes purpose and makes learning pop!



List of centers in video:

Physics--marble run from Mindware (3 different models--cylinders, cubes, wooden)

Microscopes and slides

Estimation Station--various items for estimating (Dollar Store and Oriental Trading)

Life Cycles--incubator and brooder (Nasco), chicken, duck, geese eggs (Ideal Poultry and various farms in area)

Magnetics--various magnet sets from Mindware (catalog and online)

Library pets--rabbit, tortoise, fish--QR codes for each habitat

Comfy Zone--couch, bean bags, child-size furniture for reading

Research--2 areas--one lab connected to library (19 wireless desktop computers) with smart board/projector;
7 OPAC/research wireless desktop computers near circulation desk, laptops available for checkout from tech

Strategy games--checkers, chess, various board games

Architecture--building sets from Mindware

Book creation center--art supplies, paper

Listening center--audio books

Drama--Puppets and Puppet Theater--Lakeshore

Reading materials to support inquiry/discovery in centers

Recent acquisitions: iPad minis for use in centers

Rotating centers during the year, will set up others upon teacher request:

Author's Purpose

Science Tools

Letter Writing

Story Elements